Saturday, 3 September 2016

Creative Writing Workshop - GVM Ponda

I conducted a 2-day workshop on Creative Writing at GVM Higher Secondary School, Ponda on 29-30 August 2016. The workshop was at the invitation of Mrs. Bhat, teacher of English.

This was the first time I addressed students of Higher Secondary. On Day 1, being the inaugural the hall was full. On day 2 we had a more manageable number. I prepared a power-point presentation and also put my guitar in the hatchback.

I began with speaking about the role the unconscious plays in creativity. Quoting Osho's essay 'What is Creativity?' I shared with the students that they could be creative in whatever way they chose - not just writing poems, singing or dancing. As long as you are fulfilled, you are creative. The divine stirs in you. I gave them time to write short poems on 'My favourite place,' 'The person I like the most' which I read out in class. One student wrote how she was at peace in any shrine for in the stillness she experienced God. In the opening task I asked the students if they had observed carefully the lighting of the lamp on Day 1. Does it inspire a poem in you?

Osho Talks Sound of Thunder

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