Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mothers' Day 2016

Today is Mother's Day or Mothers' Day -- whichever you prefer.  Today my sister Vanessa arrived along with her family and her sister-in-law Irene.

As I bustled about in town making purchases, it suddenly dawned on me that there were not one but three mothers in our home today!

Just before lunch as the family gathered around the table, I launched into my 'speech' : 'It is a pleasure and a privilege to celebrate Mothers' Day today at A2 Dramila. Without mothers we would not be who we are. There are three mothers present today and two "out there" viz. Mother Mary and mummy.' and so on.  After that I requested my sister to sing 'Mother of Mine', while I played the guitar. All joined in but not without getting emotional.

My sister remembered her doting mother-in-law aunty Josephine Mendonca (1931-2013) and our mother Alda Mendonca (1930-2004). I remembered aunty Virgin David (1935-2012) my  mother-in-law and her infinite patience.  I had bought mogra garlands for the altar at home, for the frame of the Jesus and Mary in our room; the black and white picture of Mother Mary in the last room and the last for the photo of our mother.

On a table laden with the goodness of home we basked in the warmth of the family. The pulao and the chicken curry was relished. There was salt fish for dad. Salad made by Sandhya for all. Justice was done to the sorpotel at breakfast. I savoured it with an egg after Mass. For dessert there was mango ice cream, the cake, of course, and lovely bread pudding made by my sister. Three mothers, three desserts. Since mum's photo remained on the table during the lunch, it was as though mum was sharing the meal with us.  She would have been very happy, I thought. After lunch the cousins got down to some serious reading on the sofa with Maegan reading aloud Enid Blyton's short story, 'The Toy Clown and the Radio.'* My son Dwayne was glued to her.

Mothers make us come home. A special choco-delight cake with the lettering 'HAPPY MOTHERS DAY IRENE, NESSA & QUEENIE' sat proudly on the  table. Next to it, a vase of three roses symbolized the fragrance spread by the three in all our lives.

It is said, 'God could not be everywhere -- so He created Mothers.' So true.  When they are gone, only the memories remain. Happy Mother's Day!
*From The Cuckoo in the Clock and Other Stories by Enid Blyton (London: Hachette, 2015). Photos taken by me today 8 May 2016.

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