Sunday, 31 January 2016

Slums in Goa

                                                                29 January 2016
                                                      MES College, Ponnani, Kerala


There are at least 4 major slums in Goa, but serious literature on them is sadly lacking. One has to rely merely on local media reports which are often hyped to suit the exegesis of the day.  This blind spot which is often echoed in conversation needs to be redressed. The paper is divided into 4 sections. After providing a context, a brief survey of the issues affecting slums in India is attempted. Research on this paper has led to studies on Mumbai – both scientific and cultural. In an attempt to theorize the issue of slums in Goa, this paper has presented the discourse of poems, photographs, installation art, and the literary technique of the novel – all of which have slums as their theme. These artefacts have been backed by investigative reporting on slums in Goa. Issues of migration, politics and real estate are discussed. Care has also been taken to note the modalities of representing what has come to be known as the Other. The paper concludes with examining the demographic fallout of the influx of slum dwellers into the state of Goa.

Dar Voz 2016 - UGC National Seminar on 'Giving Voice to the Silenced: Presentation and Construction of Subaltern in Literature and Media' on 28th -29th January 2016 organized by Department of English,  MES Ponnani College, Ponnani South, Malappuram, Kerala 679586

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