Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Peas, Tomatoes and Chillies

-A poem by Brian Mendonca

'Peas, tomatoes and chillies'                                        
My wife said.
'Bring them from the market.'
But I was busy at the internet
booking a rail ticket for a seminar.
'Why was the bank rejecting my payment?!'

'The fish van must have gone by now.
When are you going?'

Oh oh, I typed my CVV
instead of my PIN --
but still the payment was not going through.
I consulted wifey
I had written my PIN in the wrong order!

'It's time for lunch
Why are you going now?
Have lunch, then we'll see.'

Having bought tickets to and fro
from MAO to KTU
I felt I had to make amends.
I put on my capris and my hat                                                
and asked if my son was coming.
Of course he had to ask mama first.

'I have to give you bath and then feed you.
It's so hot outside.'                                                    

When baba went in for a bath
I slipped out for the chores.
Elgar's 'Nimrod' at the touch of the ignition
relaxed me. I was made for other things.

The bank was closed.
The post office was closed.
The LIC office was closed.
It was Diwali in Goa.

I scoured for solace
searching for red tomatoes
in a sea of yellow flowers.
A fistful of chillies
for that touch of green.
The frozen peas I would get
from Sai store near our place.

Was it a wasted trip?
No, I'd say.
I enjoyed my own company.
I confirmed the car AC wasn't working
I wore my beach hat at a slant
And I did get the tomatoes and chillies
--if not the peas.

'What about the eggs?'
Pix courtesy economictimes.com; dir.indiamart.com

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Arvindixit said...

Brian, you are at your irreverent best.Did she finally bathe baba?