Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Goodbye Linus

They were still selling patoyos
When you saw them coming
The recent showers paused
As if holding their breath.

You looked so young
In your beige wedding suit
Your open eyes
Bidding everyone welcome.

Your red tie and shoes
The spectacles in your pocket
Just the way
You wanted it to be.

But they bore you away
With our tears as well
And the weight of the red bangles
Near your heart.

Lime too was sprinkled
To disintegrate your frame
And hasten your journey
From grave to niche.

We miss your smile
Your helpful ways
Your hands that reached out
To hold little children.

On the table
Your new music system waits
Beside the doctor’s file
And a crucifix with candles.

The music is still
Quiet descends.
Candles burn in unison
On the mound where you rest.

-Brian Mendonça
Pix of Linus David (1966-2015) taken in May 2013 at Vasco, Goa. Pictured here with his daughters Mabelle, Michelle, and Dwayne my son.

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