Sunday, 26 October 2014

Face of Kachchh

-Brian Mendonca

On the Anjar road
the ceiling hangs like a curtain.
Kamal ke phool
Raste ke us paar.
The pir of the wayside
Overlooks the Rann.
In the tremor of tomorrow
A hand reaches through the dust
Allah ko pyare.
Kukma's biscuits
Wean smiles at Bujori
On the Surajbari bridge
The blue ribbon of Sayaji
Lignite from Panandro
On the Sarkhej road
A caravan of camels
stitches in kantha
Mandvi or Bhuj
'Koteshwar is not going anywhere.'

(Kachchh, 2006)
Published in A Peace of India: Poems in Transit (New Delhi:Self-published, 2011); Pix of Jesal-Toral samadhi, Anjar from hoparoundindia(dot)com; 9115 Bandra-Bhuj Sayaji Express

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