Sunday, 7 September 2014

Poem on Teachers' Day 2014

-Brian Mendonca

(on the practice of giving a rose)

What is a flower
without the rain?
What is a petal
without the pain?
What are the colours
without the black?
How perfection
when we are so slack?
A storm, a bud
A reed, a rose
Oh dash it all!
Just give me a pose!
I speak, I sing
I stand, I scold
All I want to do
is mould.
Learning for life
We are all in the game
In school, in college,
Just another name.
So come, live the vision
Your chance to be true
A flower means perfection
and so must you!
Read by the poet at programme for Teachers' Day at Carmel College, Goa on 6 September 2014; Pix taken by Dr. (Sr.) M Aradhana A.C.

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