Friday, 26 September 2014

Mapusa Memories

-Brian Mendonca

Uncle Edwin
goes 'tap' 'tap' on his typewriter
in the porch by the door
as the road lurches downwards.
El Capitan is no more,
replaced by a shopping mall
as hotel Taj Mahal and
hotel Villena confer in mid-street.
Eyed by Tadeus, fortified by Bertsy's
-where I had my first rum with madcap Zeno.
Cafe Xavier disappoints,
with its jazzed-up interiors
Smells of amotik, tamarind, and red chillies
Peddem's cajus, ponos and ambo
Hanuman Soda still holds its own
though the nose of the blue Mercedes
is missing.


Uncle Edwin: the poet's mother's brother who used to stay in the ancestral house at Gauncavaddo, Mapusa; El Capitan:  along with Alankar were the 2 cinema houses the poet used to frequent in his college days in the 1980's in Mapusa; amotik: typical Goan fish dish, hot and sour with chilli and tamarind; Blue Mercedes: the blue college bus of St. Xavier's College, Mapusa; Poem published in Last Bus to Vasco: Poems from Goa (New Delhi, 2006)

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