Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Woman from Samaria

In today's Gospel reading (John 4: 5-42) poised at the 3rd Sunday of Lent, Jesus has a discourse with the woman from Samaria. The reading which is unusually long (specially with a 3-year old kid, who won't sit still!) offers insights for our reflection.

1. Jesus chooses this road deliberately though it was not usually frequented. Perhaps he knew he would be meeting the woman from Samaria here.

2. Jesus is well-informed about the affairs of the woman. Nevertheless he still asks her a trick question, 'Bring me your husband.' She replies that she does not have one, after which Jesus points out that she has had five till date plus one with whom she is living with at present.

3. The woman sidesteps this intelligence but credits Jesus with superior power for knowing her deeply. Impressed with this knowledge she feels Jesus can bring change in her life and the life of others.

4. We cannot hide anything from Jesus. He has foreknowledge of what we have done and also for what we intend to do. Yet He offers forgiveness.

5. Jesus reveals to her the ultimate Truth, viz. that He is the source of Living Water. He chooses the woman from Samaria, who was looked down upon by the Jews, to reveal His divine mission. He prefers the lowly over the highly placed, and He prefers to reveal himself to a woman.

6. Overwhelmed by this knowledge the woman leaves her pitcher of water there and goes into the city. When we are touched by the Lord we find all our earthly possessions worthless.
Reference:Women in the Bible for Dummies at www.dummies(dot)com; pix. sawboyrick(dot)

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