Monday, 17 June 2013


                                                                                              -  Brian Mendonça

Past the languid days of May, the somnolence of the holidays, and the thrill of examination results, it’s now time for new beginnings – academically at least. Most students in school and college will now be promoted to the next class or semester. Re-openings -- at the risk of sounding quaint – give you a chance to re-do something.  They give you a second chance -- sometimes a third. Reopening means ‘to open or be opened again.’

A year has gone by with a reprieve in summer – so have we learnt anything? Have we grown in confidence to meet the new academic session with zest? Do we just amble through our school years -- and later through college – as some of us do in life, accidently and without conviction? 

The school years and the college years are precious years in life. Make the best of them. It is here that one’s formative years are spent. As you pack your satchel or haversack here are a few reflections:

1.     Enjoy these years – You won’t get them back. Make the best of these learning years. Equip yourself for life.

2.     Choose your friends wisely -- One meets numerous boys and girls – some of whom will remain friends for life.  One is often influenced by friends at this age. ‘Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are,’ is an old saying.

3.     Use time wisely – After the ample time spent in the holidays to yourself, now is the time to get serious about life. Attend classes/lectures regularly. After all it’s your parents’ money which pays the fees.

4.     Speak the truth – This is harder than it sounds. When things are going uphill it will be even more difficult to witness to the truth. But the truth sets you free. It does not force you to tell one lie to cover another.

5.     Be true to yourself – Stand up for what you believe in. If you feel something is not right, say so. Be cautious of those who flatter you to achieve their own ends.

6.     Exercise discretion on the internet – Conduct yourself with dignity in communication on the internet. Don’t compromise yourself.  Log out of your FB account – start living your own life.

7.     Respect your elders – They usually tell you things in your own best interests. It might appear boring but the wisdom of following the right precepts is only seen in hindsight.   
8.     Give something back to society – most initiatives – whether it is weeding out corruption, or greening a space – begin with children and the youth. Be the change you want to see. Set aside time for this.

9.     Spend quiet time with yourself – rejuvenate yourself through prayer, exercise, and your favourite pastime. Read inspiring literature. You are here to make a difference.

10.    Dream – think big. If you don’t dare to live your dreams, you will end up realizing someone else’s dreams. Of course, the best thing to realize our dream is to wake up!
               Published in Gomantak Times Weekender on Sunday, 16 June 2013; pix. source followbarbsbliss.blogspot(dot)in        

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