Thursday, 27 June 2013


Your face smiles in welcome
Speak to me Andrea
Look your certificate
Has come from Goa University
‘Runners-up in football’ it says.
But you were a winner in life.

The silence in your village
is deafening.
Coconut trees bow their heads
in mourning.
Shrubs, rain-soaked fields, pebbles
Tell of your happy days.
The narrow road sulks,
waiting for your footsteps.
But on the swaying curtain in the hallway
The skulls are laughing.

Andrea, you taught us to love
To live and to leave
Time hangs heavy on this day of ours.
Mary, Queen Beauty of Carmel
Pray for us.

(21 June 2013
Nuvem village, Goa)

The following is a free translation of the poem by Ms Akalpita Desai:

The English version was published in Navhind Times, Buzz, Panjim, Goa on 27 June 2013. The Konkani version was published in Sunaprant, Margao, the Konkani daily on Sunday 21 July 2013. Visual:

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