Sunday, 16 June 2013

Adeus Korcho Vellu Paulo

                                          Pix. of Saligao church by Brian Mendonca

Busking among the groves
Lights out over the vaddo
Violins by candlelight
Lester plays the ghumot

Saligao boys step in for cafreal
'Mae de Deus,' ' St. Alex'
Totems worldwide
of global Goans.

In faraway Canada
Mel sketches the church
the fields, the old houses
the temple at Salmona

From behind St Anne's
Clarice paints.
Her son is gone, but she now has
a higher calling.

Wet Streets,
besieged eyelids
As Goa sleeps,
frogs hold court.

Across two rivers
I connect with my past
Dogs and cattle
reclaim the road.

(Saligao, Goa
14 June 2013)
Adeus Korcho Vello Paulo: Konkani mando. 'The Time to Say Goodbye is Now Here'; Streets: a new weekend magazine functioning out of an old Goan house at Sangolda.

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