Monday, 12 November 2012

N & R

'N & R' is obviously 'Nigel and Russell'. Thought up this one this morning as my mind looped back to last night (Sunday, 11 Nov 2012) when we were all celebrating 'the boys'' birthdays at my brother Kevin's place across from where we stay in Mangor Hill, Vasco, Goa.

Earlier in the day I had G&R on my mind as I shared with a friend the deep meanings of 'November Rain' - the month we are carousing through. Nigel and Russell may have other icons to listen to, but somehow the circle completes one round and begins another. Here in the picture are left to right, Nigel (12), little Shanaya, Russell (18) and my son Dwayne (1). This generation will listen to their own music and make their own stories.  Queenie and Dad (83) are to the right of Dwayne. To the far right is Neil.

In a beautifully organized get-together, the elders discoursed in the hall, while N&R and co. filled out the children's room adjacent to the hall. There were a lot of things happening here - a guitar was playing, the computer was on, parts of a railway set strewn on the floor, li'l kids being seen to. Dwayne was examining the door handle. Yes, there was a sense of wonder, of excitement, and energy which made all glad to be alive and revel in the joy of living. This was a marked contrast to the tempo in the hall where relatives conversed in staid voices about subjects deemed fit for mature minds.

The energy was at its height when both groups came together in the hall for the cutting of the cake. The cake, prepared by Temptations, Vasco, was something of a wonder. It had the emblems of Arsenal and Manchester United on either side with 'the boys'' names under their respective club. The English Premier League is on  and City was playing Chelsea that night. The boys were following the action on the net. I recalled a line my poem 'CHELSEA WINS' - as I incorporated the graffiti at Christian village, Kurla in May this year.

Football unites. To bridge the generations it serves well. As did the fabulous game of housie conducted by Nigel and Nicole. Suddenly the sweep of time dawned on me. As Russell and Neil joked that they could conduct Housie better I thought, 'Wasn't it the other day when we were conducting the game?!' Yes, I'm in a 'Teach Tour Children' frame of mind. CS&Y (Crosby, Stills and Nash) comes through - and how! And of course the lyrics of Deep Purple's 'Soldier of Fortune', 'And I feel I'm getting older . . .'

Yes we will hold the hands of the young ones. We will try to prevent them from harm. And we will be sad and we will be happy. There will be parting and there will be leaving as the boys will start their own lives. But  music never dies, sport is forever, and family makes it all worthwhile.

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