Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Happy Children's Day Dwayne

You came into our lives as a gift from God. We loved you when you were born and both of us took turns to cradle you. At that time it was just mama and me with you in that big Holy Family Hospital, in Okhla, New Delhi. No near and dear ones could be at your bedside. Just a few good friends. Aunty Rita held you in her arms the first - after mama. I was too scared.

Now you are almost two. The defiant face still beholds us, but I guess you got it from one of us. At a recent wedding you just stalked off on your own and rambled like a pride of lions across the spacious floor of Blueberry Estate, Verna. Remembering the warning to Lot, you never looked back. Will you leave us and go like that one day? I am afraid of that supreme confidence you display, so young.

It's holiday time now and I love to play with you. You are so absorbed in the wonderment of life. You inspire us everyday. You bring colour to our lives. You give us a reason to live. This Children's Day, baba, may you be forever blessed.   

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