Friday, 23 November 2012


-Brian Mendonca

Upon the beach front
Fishermen sit beside
Carlito mending nets --
a puddle of vacant eyes.

Behind them,
Whites and browns
Play beach volleyball.

'Singh is King'chants a sprightly sardar
as he gleefully wraps his turban
on a foreign tourist.

In the lounge - wifi-enabled-
a Russian skypes back home.

Under a beach umbrella
a lone man intently reads.

A mother waddles out --
a lissome beauty in tow --
to watch the sunset.

Silver sands
Silver nights
Silver souls

A lazy morning brunch
Sunshine drips onto
a November day in Goa.

(Colva beach, Goa
19-20 Nov. 2012)

Carlito: name of boat on Colva beach; Pix source: goabeachholidays(dot)com

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