Monday, 30 July 2012

In Memoriam: Virgin David (1935-2012)

We thank each and everyone of you in the Church today, who have been with nana during her journey.

We thank Rev. Fr Pascal who came to our house and received mummy into the church for the final rites and for celebrating the Mass.

We thank very specially aunty Ann Trinidade and her family who have supported us throughout all these years. We specially thank Melanie David who spent the final days and nights by nana's bedside in the hospital.

We thank all those who were there with nana, when we could not be there for her. Roseline Pellisherry (Rosie), Mrs Sandhya Nerurkar and aunty Mary Pereira- a big thank you.

We thank all the members of the family for all they did to help nana.

We thank the hearse organisers, the choir of senior citizens, and the ushers.

We specially remember the nimble hands of Suraj and his wife and his helper who put together the lilies, roses and marigolds for the wreaths.

As we proceed to take nana on her final journey we recall three things about nana.  Throughout her life nana was prayerful . . . saying so many rosaries for all of us each day. Nana was generous - till the very end she inquired about each one of us. Finally, nana had a zest for life and living - her joie de vivre inspired those around her. She wanted everyone to be neat and presentable in their attire. I want to add one more virtue of nana. Nana was simple. Simple things made her happy, like her favourite bhajias in the monsoon, or a packet of gems sweets.

Nana had a great devotion to St. Martha. Lately she used to say that she had had a vision in which St. Martha promised to put an end to all her suffering. True to her word, St. Martha took nana to her on the morning of 29th July - on her feast day.

As the card on one of the wreaths says, 'Dearest nana, thank you for the gift of you.' And another, 'Dearest nana, Pray for us, guide us, keep us in your care.'

Olympic Gold

-          Brian Mendonça

A golden dress
And a golden chain
Nana, you look so good in gold.
The race has been run
The eternal prize won
It’s time to rest now
After life’s journey.
Beyond the clasp of mortality
Further than the horizon of pain
In the embrace of oblivion
You have left our shores.
The mourners -
Finding nothing to do now -
Wipe dexterously
The frost which forms
On the glass, above your face,
As you smile contentedly
In your AC coffin.
The text above is a transcript of  the Word of Thanks, delivered by Brian Mendonca, after the Communion at the funeral Mass for Mrs Virgin David, mother of Linus, Savio and Queenie, at Holy Cross Church, Kurla West, Mumbai celebrated at 10.30 a.m. on 30 July 2012 .  Mrs Virgin David passed away following acute renal failure at 10.50 a.m. on 29 July 2012 at Hindu Sabha hospital Ghatkopar, Mumbai. She was 77. The poem was added later.

The painting of St Martha - patron of householders - above, is by Anne Murphy.

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