Tuesday, 28 February 2012

i10 Intent

What amazed me was the number the RTO Vasco, Goa, gave me for my vehicle. I had gone to collect it on 24 February 2012. I was hoping for a significant combination - but I was not going to pay 10,000 for it! Next to me a man was squirming and sweating making mental calculations and calling frantically on his cellphone as to which was the most suitable number to take. I think he had forked out the extra cash.

Now you know that my birthday is on the 7th. Apart from that, in the Bible, the seven priests carry the ark of the covenant 7 times around the temple. I have always regarded 7 as propitious. 'D' of course is for Dwayne our little son - if it were not for him a lot of life would not have happened. And then there was 24 the day we picked up the vehicle. GA-06-D-7324, here I come!

The photo featured above is the one Hyundai Verna took when I was taking the car. It was sent by Xyra - or was it Zyra? Thank you Hyundai. :). In the picture is Sachin, who has become a friend by now. The several conversations we used to have, the advice we considered, all finally grew to fruition.

Driving the car in Vasco has been a sheer thrill. In the city we drive dead slow. That is also the toughest part - to drive in low gear. Queenie and me are still discovering the car and baba (1+) is taking the car apart. As we said yesterday, 'When baba puts first gear, dada fas gya'!

We enjoy listening to music on the sound system in the car. 6 FM stations are backed by our selection of CDs. Our fav CD is the music CD of the Divine Retreat Centre Fathers, composed by Fr Joby. It calms us and soothes our nerves. We wouldn't have come this far without Him. May His name be praised.

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