Wednesday, 30 November 2011

St. Andrew Pray For Us

Happy Feast!

Today is the feast day of the patron saint of our parish - St Andrew.

In a few hours a tiatr in Konkani will be staged named Oso Ek Dis Ietolo. The drama is expected to dwell on the travails which beset Goa at the moment. Inward migration for blue collar jobs, mining, corruption and garbage. Yes the IFFI is also on but as I learnt from some students I lectured this morning - Who cares?!

We celebrated November for its holidays. From 1 Nov to 2 Nov, for the first time I luxuriated in the bliss of 3 weeks of free time. We did many things, attended a wedding at Majorda, and tried out the Nano. I just peeped in to see Beat now and it looks classy!

We tried to get some reading done. A visit to the Mother Teresa Old Age home at Carambolim was another winner. Dad was keen on it. We stuffed two trunks with used clothes and deposited then for distribution with the sisters.

Dwayne is growing up ever so michievously. 'Mosto', 'mastulia' are some of the words we have for him.

Now as the second semester begins I find myself more poised at college where I teach. The students are comfortable with me and I am better prepared with my lectures.

We look forward to the staff picnic and a host of activities in December.

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