Wednesday, 26 January 2011

To My Son of 14 Days

- Brian Mendonca

The robin came to see you
this early morn
As you gazed your troubles away
ensconced on my lap.
Your alert eyes take in everything
as, in the pre-dawn silence,
you mull over the verities of life.
The myriad faces on the curtain
in Kalamkari blockprint fascinate you -
'How can there be so many?
 - And all of them to see me?!'
As angels play
You smile in your sleep
You cry when they go away.

I am no Yeats
O son of my Fathers
Just an alphabet or two
to memorialize our joy.
Our hectic lives 
bask in your presence
Lead us on to
the frontiers of tomorrow.

(26 January 2011, New Delhi)


Anonymous said...

but 'a prayer for my son' will do just fine
cheerz, reg-g...
... and full marks to all those who made this possible in whatever way

Anonymous said...

hello little D
the sun rise up to meet you on your way

Priyanka said...

A very lovely poem..straight from the heart..its the first thing i read on ur blog..a father has expressed himself very beautifully