Friday, 5 November 2010

March on, Ulysses

We often change the spaces we inhabit.
For many reasons.

One of the foremost is to be happy.
Because we don't have forever.

As we move, we leave behind memories and friends who are sad to see you go.

But sometimes friendships develop because you move away from constricting spaces.

Deepak Choudhary, a poet, and new-found friend, wrote . . .

Dear Brian Bhai,

Good morning with a broad smile....

Though you have left our ‘official ‘company, the indelible mark your persona has left on the ambience here is an inextricable component of our collective memory. This poem is a small piece of tribute to the outstanding personality, the creative genius, the embodiment of unflinching commitment and courage, the indefatigable warrior of life, called BRIAN  MENDONCA.

March on, Ulysses...
March on Ulysses, March on....
Ithaca is already yours,
Now you have got to conquer the vast world beyond
With your genius in a tireless quest..

March on,
For you have to go countless miles,
You have to leave your winning stamp
On the large continents of literati,
You have to undertake voyages tough and challenging
As you have done before...

March on Ulysses,
The road to Ithaca never ends for you,
The paths trodden by you umpteen times
Still look untrodden and fresh
And there are new ones, too,
Emerging and waiting for your victorious feet
To touch their turf with the strides of glory and pride....

March on, Ulysses,
O the idol of a million flowering promises,
March on
And I will always accompany you
With the curiosity and zeal of a true admirer,
As a well-wishing phantom of the past
In all your campaigns,
Waving my hands with ecstasy
At your every success...
Smiling, cheering up and greeting you as a part of the roaring crowd
On your journey back home
After every outstanding feat....

March on, Ulysses,
March on...

(Reproduced here with Deepak's permission)
Picture source: almiyachts(dot)com, Ionian islands, Ithaca, Greece

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