Monday, 21 June 2010


As I spirited over to my bank last Saturday, the question uppermost in my mind was, ‘Has the money been credited to my account?’ Well, the earlier week the ATM machine sucked the money which was meant for me – before I could lay my hands on it! It then dutifully printed me a receipt that the amount was debited from my account. When I updated my passbook I saw that the amount was already credited against the entry’ MID.’ When I asked what this meant the patient officer said ‘Money in Drawer.’

Sunday saw my money in someone else’s drawer as I discovered my purse was missing after I emerged from the metro station at Rithala. The last I saw of it was at Kashmere Gate metro station when I pulled it out to purchase some choco- biscuits for the children of a friend we were visiting.

Of course, in retrospect, a billowing white Lucknowi chikan kurta pyjama with a side pocket as big as a garage door didn’t help matters. That too with my Yamaha classical guitar slung on my back.

On the way back we did make a complaint at the control room at the Kashmere Gate station 011-23860837. The charming officer produced a black wallet from the drawer – but it wasn’t mine!

Here's a transcript of a gmailchat with a mercurial friend from Mumbai who never fails to lift my spirits:

Virtual: hola! brother brian!
           how goes dilli mein dil-hi
           rather do-dil-hi
me: brother brian got his purse swiped in the metro at kashmere gate yesterday! ha ha
Virtual: jeeezuz!!
          deepali was just in metro 10 mins back
          im telling her this bad news
          and so that she can remain alert
          how that happened!
me: ya. kai karu
Virtual: you must be lost in writing a new poetry
me: yes brother
       i think it happened in the KG station premises. Maybe not in the train per se.
Virtual: hmmm
          india is always inspired by krishna it seems
          he stole butter
          indians steal bread and butter both
me: ha ha ha ha
       how should i view this brother?
Virtual: good omen.
        god wants you to earn double now
        for you
        and for that loser who stole your money

Coping with loss

The 4 R’s:

Remorse – ‘How could I have been so naive!’
Rationalization – ‘Everybody’s been through it sometime. It’s ok.’
‘What am I supposed to do if there’s a whole gang out there preying on unsuspecting people like me?’
Writing – is a cathartic for me. Hence this blog! Or a diary.
Recovery – ‘Got to economize now.’ ‘Maybe I’ll try and earn some money to make up the amount I lost.’

20 June was Father’s day. I like to think the notes are helping a father to bring home something for his kids - something he could not afford otherwise. Happy Father’s Day!

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