Thursday, 6 May 2010

You are invited . . .

It is interesting how milestones in life offer you an opportunity to reassess your relationship with those around you. In the event where inviting people to the occasion in question is called for, first you decide who is on your list. This exercise can lead you to into throes of indecision about whether or not a person qualifies.

There are some who have always been by your side . . .  they are most definitely in. These are the kind who understand you so well that even if you do not exchange pleasantries over a period of time, they have this uncanny ability of picking up the thread where you left off. In this category are my mentors, professors, directors of places I've worked who with their vision - and often discretion - lay out your destiny before you. If you can realise that in your lifetime, you are blessed.

There are others who arise in your thoughts because of some particular moment in life where they played a crucial part. If they had not been around you may have made a different choice . . . For that, and only for that, intervention you want them to be once more by your side at this life event - because they have the power to change your life for you.

In your place of work, equations cannot always be similar. It is best to invite each department as a whole so no one feels left out. It also saves up on invitation cards. Directors and your bosses, of course, need to be personally invited.

Today there are a raft of options when it comes to invitations. Technology has given us the e-invite on email, which is instantly delivered. You can go for postal mail if there is time - and a card to spare. SMS is definitely a no-no, if it can be avoided.

Many stationers make thriving business mindlessly printing invitations to set formats and preconceived designs. While designing your own invitation card make be daunting, it is easier than one thinks. One invitation on which I had carried a poem of mine received rave reviews by the recepients for its freshness and personal touch. I figure life is always personal - so why can't an invitation to a life event be personal?
Photo of park at Greater Kailash I, New Delhi, with the laburnums in full bloom this May.

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John.C-P'ji._goa said...

Well written again Brian ... I agree with u 2...!Hav seen d foto of d 2 of u and left a comment @ d Savanah link...! God bless... Bye 4 now!