Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Coming Home

- brian mendonça                                            

. . . and we saw the ships below

from the view point at Sada

as the grey waters turned dark

and the lights came on.

The sea at the other end at Baina

wet our feet by the shore

but pulled us into its abyss

as the waters surged back.

At Candelaria church I prayed

for the grit to coax my scooter – and us

up the steep dark slope to Mangor.

St Teresa’s school was shorn of ‘green chillies’

save for the chapel of Our Lady of Piety

where Kevin said ‘I do’ to Miriam.

In situ we read ‘The Bells of St Andrew’s’

-the church refurbished with its gleaming chandeliers.

Nothing seemed to have changed

in the port city of my youth

yet in the warp and weft of time

everything has.

(20 May 2010, Vasco, Goa)

Note: 'green chillies' - the name given to girl students of St Teresa's school on account of their green school uniforms.

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