Friday, 14 May 2010


This morning I sat with my almost-2-year old neice Maegan and watched cbeebies for a while. This BBC programme for kids had kids and adults glued for its attractive format, bright colours and action songs.

What I specially related to today was the action song about the weather which went something like this:

The sun is shining today
It is likely to be windy in the day.
With rain falling in a few places later.
The weather will be everything

This is so much like life and all its colours. The weather is the perfect metaphor to symbolise this.

My sister and her husband who also sat down to watch said they liked cbeebies for its good English. They also featured nursery rhymes which Maegan was familiar with like 'Mary had a little lamb.' Often the stories were built around the toys Maegan had, like dinner sets or fire engines. 'Ginny the fire-engine' was the next animation programme about colourful fire-engines - one with an ice-cream cone-  as they go about their jobs.

Earlier cbeebies had a dance routine with a mumber of simple moves for the children to imitate and dance to. Rotating shoulders; hiding, walking uphill; walking downhill - all to music. This is one programme that made me feel like a child once more - despite a letter by an angry British mom who was upset that the cooking was shown to be done by a male with no mention of mum - and that it was virtually a government manifesto!

Pix: from worldweatherpost(dot)com

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