Monday, 8 March 2010

Samosa pav

Mumbai is a foodie's delight. I have often been a street kid, and when it comes to Mumbai, where I spent my growing years, it's a riot. Quite contrary to the expectations of my well-meaning aunt in Mumbai, I can be found at 1 a.m. hovering near the pav bhaji carts outside Andheri station. The reason is that late-nght flights from Delhi are so stretched by then, that there really is no food to go around. So, hunters that we are, we go get our game. And in this case it's pure bliss.

Sometime back my friend from Goregaon took me for delectable Malwan cuisine to an otherwise reassuring dig, but with the staircase reeking of pee. But the tons of kulfi we had later, on a midnight dash to Borivili, more than made up.

When I narrated my nocturnal gambols, I was promptly christened a 'mawali'- I took it as a singular compliment! Aunty says I will never go hungry. That's kinda correct.
Pix: pav bhaji past-midnight at Goregaon; Malvan non-veg thali at Goregaon; samosa pav with jelebi at Sagar sweet shop at Marol, Andheri East, outside Pallotti church. All locations in Mumbai, India.

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