Wednesday, 7 October 2009

7 October

Yo, it's my birthday today - in fact 2 hours left of it. 1 if the internet cafe closes at the usual time. It's also 'karva chauth.'

Which made a lot of sense to me as I landed up at my old landlord's place just in time for some of the ladies of the house to break their fast. I was welcomed graciously and immediately proferred a thali of the fare the ladies were partaking off. This included hot puris, paneer aloo mutter curry and suji halva. Not a bad way to end a birthday. Hot tea followed with deep sharings of times gone by.

I actually started celebrating yesterday. After retreating to Cafe Turtle GK 1 N block, a stone's throw away from my workplace, I treated myself to the sinfully addictive lemon cake (sinfully priced too!). I later trotted over to Khan market to splurge on some Nike lunar walking shoes. Liked them so much I took them to office and slipped into them at 5.

Of course, I had gone to Full Circle (below Turtle) to gift myself this year's Booker short list 'The Quickening Maze'by Adam Foulds about the English poet John Clare, his 'lyrical lunacy' and his association with Tennyson. Out there in Vadodra my friend Rajan Barrett is moderating a session of 'Read Your Own Rubbish' at MSU - an idea I found delightfully irreverent!

The day wound down to an end with holy Mass at 6.30 p.m. at Holy Spirit church. I was always reminded since I was a kid that 7 Oct is the feast of the Holy Rosary.

Hope to read a few lines of Foulds before the day is done. Now that the cavalcade of phone calls seems to have abated.

As it panned out, I felt desolate after getting home to an empty room after a tumultuous day. Rang dad just to hear his voice but I think he was sleeping by now. Surfed the TV post-midnight and caught up with an episode of my fav show - Friends. This one had a 1-yr-old on set too,celebrating her birthday, a family occasion with some hilarious moments. Of course I thought of Maegan - my sister's kid.

Made me recall what a lot of well-wishers are telling me - to find somebody to love. Tell me about it!

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