Sunday, 20 September 2009

Goodbye Noel

- brian mendonca

Ah! Noel
You leave us
Much too soon
When the sun is shining
And the birds are in the air.
The funeral cortege
Makes its solemn way
With its string of mourners.
Too much to bear – a young boy
Has a fit near the street
– Arms and torso flailing wildly
As the hour of entombment draws near.
Surely this cannot be true!
Then why does the choir intone a dirge?
A few hours more and you would have been
On the flight back home.
‘He is resting’ – the hotel had said
When calls to you went unanswered.
Sleep now in Eternal Rest
But remember this was without fair warning.
Sport was your passion, the people – your pride.
You will be remembered dearly
For, the game of life
You played with zest.
You gave your life
You gave your best.

(Vasco, 16-17 September 2009)

Noel Lima Leitao (51) Goan football commentator and patron of Vasco Sports Club, Vasco was buried at St Andrew’s church cemetery, Vasco, Goa on 16 September 2009, after a massive heart attack in Kolkata. He had gone there to provide the commentary of the finals of the IFA shield.

(This poem was published in the 'In Verse' space of today's 'Navhind Times' i.e. Sunday, 20 September 2009 in Goa)

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