Saturday, 15 August 2009

Goodbye Felcy

Felcy died this morning in Goa. Felcy was the mother of Raymond (26) her only son who, as she put it - when I had gone for a condolence visit - was done in by bad company last month. (See my blog dated 4 August 2009 titled, 'In Memoriam - Raymond Fernandes.')

It was too much for her. As life sometimes becomes too much for us.

When my sister in Pune called to give me the news I found it ironic because i was minutes away from attending the 3 p.m. funeral service of Mrs D'Souza, of Alaknanda parish, New Delhi. No I don't/didn't know Mrs D'Souza. I had just gone to offer my prayers to a Goan soul - staying as I was across the road from the church as it were.

'Felcy' was in many ways home for us. I, at least, used to constantly find her stationed in the kitchen on my so brief sallys home from Delhi, with mum at the kitchen door supervising the proceedings. I used to marvel at the fact she used to cook on all four burners at the same time. I even tried to learn a few dishes from her.

Even when I visited Felcy last she recalled how mum was so meticulous planning our meals, and how for the Christmas lunch of 2004 she had instructed Felcy about each and every dish . . . as though - I think as a premonition - she knew she would not be there.

So much was the presence of Felcy in our lives. Her sorpotel, with mum's touch was super; her fish, curry, and rice, to die for. I would cross the river Zuari in the mornings to go to Panjim for my work but would faithfuly come home for her delectable Goan lunch even if it were to be had at 4 p.m.! Once I had to leave for an unscheduled trip to Panjim in the morning and Felcy had already cooked for me - I put all the food in a huge tiffin and took it with me and ate it near Mapusa at lunch time.

Felcy hit bad days when her excessively spirited husband passed away. And then she fell ill and did a stint at the Goa Medical college.

Felcy is also the name of a tiatrist from Vasco. In many ways our Felcy's life was the stuff of a tiatr [local Konkani play]. Only, her tragedies were for real. she had a life of unprecedented suffering but always used to smile. In her simple ways she touched our lives.

Even when I called from Delhi to condole, she asked me if I was eating well.

She is survived by her daughter.

Felcy's funeral Mass will be held tomorrow at St Andrew's church, Vasco, at 3 p.m.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen

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