Friday, 9 January 2009


Ever since I was reading George Eliot's Middlemarch in college, I believed that Dr S N Desai (SND) was really Dr Lydgate - a character in the novel. With a fervent desire to serve society by healing those who were sick, SND too set up practice in Vasco, Goa in the early 90's.

He was always our family doctor. He treated mum to the very end and now he always has a kind word when dad pops in to see him. In his quiet unassuming way he has been part of our family.

I just went to see him this evening to show him some reports. He browsed through them and pronounced them as 'normal.' This after giving an eager medical rep going through paces, a patient hearing.

'You are happy in Delhi,' he said matter-of-factly. Somehow Desai always had this knack of coming straight to the point without preamble. 'Yes' I murmured, but not before adding, 'But after 10 years in Delhi one does a rethink.' He went one step further to advise 'If you are planning on coming back to Goa, come now when you can enjoy life with dad.' Desai is like that. You can just open your heart to him. And you can always trust him.

When I went across to Sanjeevani Hospital where mum slipped away in 2004, he said, 'You know, God wanted her many times, but we pulled her back.' And later he explained how the quality of life for mum was deteriorating. It was perhaps best she didn't suffer more. I remember also his words saying if mum did not have the loving care of our family she perhaps would not have been with us till when the end came.

As I looked at his table I noticed a thought for the day for December 24th. It said, above all the things which help a person the greatest is love.

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Anonymous said...

its really sweet! the doctor and the way you go about in this piece...this kind of writing is rare isnt it, writing which comes from the heart?

keep writng