Thursday, 18 December 2008

Moving Haveli

Just breezed into Pune just now at 11 am on the 2630 Karnataka Sampark Kranti from Nizamuddin station (New Delhi). The train leaves on Wednesdays at 0855 am. It was a good comfortable trip with the added attraction of two punjaban (Punjabi) kuddis (young ladies) - sisters in fact - who out-rivalled each other in beauty.

What I liked was the way, as the journey rolled on, separate spaces in the compartment were used up like zenana's (cloistered areas reserved for women) for various activities like nursing babies, applying nail polish, or a men's only area where guys just crashed out and flaked out (slept). This was regardless of berth allocations. Somehow we all knew we were in this together and we were, through our understanding of each others needs, trying to make the journey as agreeable as possible. There was a lot of give and take. I haven't seen this on any other train.

Well I am hopping on the Goa Express at 4.30 pm today so let me just take in the city, if you don't mind. Stay healthy and happy!

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