Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Into the Semis (Minus the Meniscus) - Euro2008

Barzagli, Ribery, Pogrebnyak. The first is the Italian defender, the next is the French winger and the last is the Russian striker for Euro2008. All have been missed games or have had to sit out due to knee injuries. Sometimes for weeks sometimes for months.

The harsh toll on the knee made itself felt when I popped in to see my orthopedic specialist last evening for a painful knee condition which had persisted over the week. This condition had come about after I had played football with friends in the evening after work last Monday (June 16).

The doc's expert hands tested my knee and leg and assured me that I would be able to play football again- after 10 days. There was partial damage or a tear to the meniscus (cartilege) in my knee. I groaned. By that time, the European Cup would be over!

It is true that football fever had me sporting my tee of the Portuguese national team. And in a swirl of euphoria I had splurged on an entire kit - t shirt, shorts, boots (yes boots!) and stockings. But, as my doc had said, I had not followed the cardinal rule of playing a contact sport - I had not warmed up or stretched before the game. 'Your coordination is deranged.' 'Your body is deconditioned.' - were the choicest epithets the doc flung at me from the discourse of medicine. But it was true. The next time I'm gonna warm-up. Even if I have to huff and puff my way (Earlier I was saving my energy for the game!)

Cartilege damage was not new to me. I had already had two ops on my right knee in Bombay- one while in school (while studying for my Xth Boards in Bombay) and the other while in college in Goa. In my working life this was my left knee now! Gotta sit this one out.

Doc's advice
- Static quadriceps exercises
- Hot water fomentation
- Tab Movon P after breakfast and dinner [Painkiller]
- Cap Pantocid DSR on empty stomach [to combat acidity]
- Voveron thermagel for application

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