Friday, 23 May 2008

May Queen

- brian mendonca

The warm rush of water at Hollant
And Copacabana holding court
To scores of children shrieking with delight
Luscious Mancurada mangoes
yield way to the Totapuri,
Xinanio, teesrio, bhangde reixaddo
Caldeen, Hisson, Chicken Xacuti
Beef patties, potato cutlets with Mirinda bread
As waves crash over the angry sea
Castles in the sand –Ful-na-pakli
Venha mais vezes
, says Mrs Noronha
Gulmohar, Copper pods, the drumstick, the jamun
Survey the kaner, the emissary of the North
Mum tells her beads for the family rosary
As the koel cries on the heels of rain.

Glossary: Hollant beach, Vasco, Goa, 2004. Copacabana: name of restaurant at Hollant; Xinanio: (Konk.) oysters; teesrio: (Konk.) mussels; bangde reixaddo: (Konk.) fried mackeral stuffed with masala; Caldeen: (Konk.) fish curry prepared in coconut juice; Hisson (Konk.) kingfish; Xacuti (Konk.) Chicken Xacuti prepared with roasted coconut and spices; Ful-na-pakli: (Konk.) If you cannot be a flower (ful), be a petal (pakli); Venha mais vezes: (Port.) Come again often; kaner: short tree with yellow flowers that open at daybreak and close at sundown

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