Monday, 19 May 2008

Goodbye Lalit

I don't think Lalit expected it. Or maybe he did. But did he think on Thursday it was the end of the line so soon? The goons in wait for him murdered him on his way back from Daltonganj on his motorcycle. He was headed to Chattarpur in Jharkhand's badlands.

Lalit Mehta (36) was involved in the Right to Food and the Right to Work campaign in Jharkhand. He was also conducting an audit in Chainpur and Chattarpur blocks of Palamu district. Playing an active role in the realisation of the National Rural Employee Guarantee Act (NREGA) at the grassroots level.

Tribune, published from Chandigarh, was the only paper I saw today which carried this story on its front page with the title ''Whistle-blower' done to death.'' What matter if another Satyendra Dubey bites the dust? It's so easy isn't it? Muscle power over Truth.

The incident does not figure on the radar of papers in Delhi today. Which is not surprising. There are the rich and famous to jostle for space. 'Delhi is not India' my friend had said. So true. It couldn't care less. More's the pity.

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